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Search Warrant (9/11/2012 Inv. Walker)

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I have not confirmed parking lot.

Information learned through phone records and interviews (Inv. Britt)

Information has not been verified.

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Autopsy Report
Lauren C. Scott MD and
Deborah L. Radisch MD, MPH

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Search Warrant  (Sgt. Matthews)

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Inventory of Items Seized Pursuant to Search

Inventory of Items Seized Pursuant to a Search (Inv. Britt)

Order to Unseal Search Warrants 7/2/2014


September 7

(12:40 AM)





(2:38 AM)

(3:40 AM)

(3:43 AM)



(3:44:28 AM)
(33 seconds)

(3:52:19 AM)
(38 seconds)

 (3:55:08 AM)
(30 seconds)

(4:14:45 AM)

(4:15 AM)


(4:27 AM)

(11:01 AM)

(sometime between May and July 2012)

July 11, 2012

September 5


DATE                                        INVESTIGATION                                                                                                     SOURCE



Some of these events may not be in exact order

(3:30 PM)

(3:39 PM)

(4:16 PM)

September  8

September 8

September 9

September 9
(5:36 PM)

September 10

September 10

September 10

September 10
(10:00 AM)

September 11
(4:55 PM)

September 11

September 12

September 14

Following week

September 21

September 25

September 6


(5:45 PM)

(7:30 PM)


Faith Danielle Hedgepeth

September 26, 1992 - September 7, 2012

Justice For Faith

Faith tells a former roommateREDACTED 1 that REDACTED 2 hated her and that he was going to kill her (Hedgepeth) if REDACTED 3 did not get back together with him.

A restraining order was issued against REDACTED 2 by REDACTED 3.  The basis of the restraining order was a domestic assault to which officers with the CHPD responded to on this same date. REDACTED 2 kicked two doors in the apartment off the frame….Affiant [Investigator Walker] received several accounts of REDACTED 3 being seen with visible injuries to her body that were reportedly inflicted by REDACTED 2.  Investigator Walker learned that REDACTED 2 resented Faith because of her influence over REDACTED 3.  Several witnesses also advised that REDACTED 2 considered Faith as a barrier to their relationship. 

REDACTED 4, REDACTED 3’s former boyfriend now just friends, spends the night on the couch in the girls’ apartment.   

REDACTED 2 sent a text to an acquaintance asking them to “forgive him for what he was about to do. He sent a tweet to another acquaintance, also asking them to forgive him for what he was about to do.”

Faith attends a rush event for UNC’s American Indian sorority, Alpha Pi Omega

Faith and
REDACTED 3 go to Davis Library on UNC campus to study; returning to Hawthorne apt. before midnight.

Faith and REDACTED 3 park in Wallace Parking Deck on East Rosemary Street and walks to The Thrill nightclub on Rosemary Street.

REDACTED 5, employee at the Thrill, is seen talking to REDACTED 9, one of the four men that enter the club together.

REDACTED 4  sees the girls at the night club but not afterwards.

Faith is seen walking out of the club with
REDACTED 6, one of the men in the group. She had met REDACTED 6 either that night or the prior weekend.

The four or five men REDACTED 6, REDACTED 7, REDACTED 8, REDACTED 9 and REDACTED 10 are seen leaving the club

Faith and
REDACTED 3 returned to their residence. 

Text message from Faith’s phone to the phone number for
REDACTED 4  “Hey B.  Can you come over here please?  REDACTED 3 needs you more aha.  You know. Please let her know you care.” 

Text message from Faith’s phone to
REDACTED 4  “Than.”

“Through Affiant’s training and experience, Affiant has probable cause that the text messages to phone number
REDACTED 4 from Hedgepeth’s phone were intended for REDACTED 4.” Inv. Britt 





A call from
REDACTED 11’s phone was made during the early morning hours, which fits the targeted location, date, and time frame specified in the cell tower dump.  This particular call suggests that REDACTED 11’s cell phone was in the target area, and that he was most likely the person in possession of the phone.

REDACTED 3 left the residence with REDACTED 12 

 [NOTE from Chambers “it should be noted that Faith’s roommate left the apartment at approximately 4:27 AM after she was picked up by her friend,
REDACTED 12. Mr. REDACTED 12 also resides at REDACTED Street, Chapel Hill with REDACTED 11REDACTED 12 and REDACTED 3 left the Hawthorne at the View apartment complex and drove to the REDACTED Street, Chapel Hill address where they stayed for the remainder of the night.  These facts along with the phone call suggests that REDACTED 11 may have known that Faith was in the apartment alone, or was about to be.] (Note from late February 2013)

Durham City Emergency Communications (911) receive a call on its emergency lines re: an unresponsive person located at 5639 Old Durham Road apartment number 1502.

REDACTED 3  “There’s blood everywhere. I don’t know what happened,” she told the operator.  “There’s stuff in my room that was not here before.  It looks like someone had come in here. It really does.”

Emergency responders arrive at 5639 Old Durham Road, apartment number 1502, where they find Faith Danielle Hedgepeth deceased in a bedroom.

Chapel Hill Police officers dispatched  to 5639 Old Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707 (in reference to a possible dead body located in apartment 1502)

“Officers greeted by the primary tenant,
REDACTED 3.” [and  REDACTED 13 based on Inv. Bostelman’s interview with REDACTED 13 of September 8, 2012] (See Application for Search Warrant dated 9/11/2012)  

“located Hedgepeth dead in a bedroom, on a bed face up.  Ms. Hedgepeth’s body was hanging off the bed over a pool of blood with her black shirt pulled up over her head; she had no clothes on from the waist down.  There was blood splatter on the closet and a bloody tampon was lying beside her on the bed. On the center of the bed, there was also a small white paper bag with the words



CHPD interviewing any person that has had recent contact with Hedgepeth or
REDACTED 3 or knew where their apartment was located.  Individuals have been asked to voluntarily have their cell phones imaged.


REDACTED 2 “arrive and agree to go to the police department to speak with officer.  After the interview, REDACTED 2 returns to the crime scene, and walks right up to the crime scene tape.  Officers have to ask him to leave because REDACTED 3’s 50B is still active against REDACTED 2 and she needs to return to her apartment. Inv. Walker

Search Warrant issued to search Faith’s vehicle with NC registration
REDACTED belonging to the registered owner REDACTED 24 

Search warrant issued by Judge O’Foghludha for a search of the residence of Faith Hedgepeth and
REDACTED 3  (5639 Old Durham Road, Apartment 1502)

Items seized: bedding, Bacardi Bottle, Remote Control, HTC cell phone (purple) pillows, under garments, Riesling bottle, swabbings, tank top, ThinkPad, Pens, note cards, key to apartment 

      (Seized on September 10: Jean shorts, underwear, white tank top, sandals,

           wallet of victim, paperwork from bedroom, paperwork from closet,

                                         bathroom items, and a flat iron.)

Faith’s telephone receives an incoming text from
REDACTED 4 (telephone) “Who is this?”

Inv. Bostelman, CHPD interview
REDACTED 13, a close friend of Faith’s.  REDACTED 13 was at the apartment with REDACTED 3 when Faith’s body was discovered.   REDACTED 13 identified and provided Inv. Bostelman with the telephone number of REDACTED 4, a young man that had dated REDACTED 3  and had a physical relationship with her at one point, but was currently just a friend.  

Faith was found by her roommate around “11:30 a.m., she reportedly discovered the decedent on a slightly askew mattress with surrounding large amounts of blood.” “Based on investigative and autopsy findings it is my opinion that the cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head.”

CHPD receive a telephone call from one of Faith’s former roommates.  The former roommate REDACTED 1 states that “sometime between the months of May-July 2012, [Faith] told her that REDACTED 2 hated her (Hedgepeth), and told her that he was going to kill her (Hedgepeth) if REDACTED 3  did not get back together with him. 

REDACTED 4 is contacted by telephone and asked to come down to the CHPD and be interviewed.  He agreed.

REDACTED 2 who was previously interviewed, agreed to allow officers to search his mobile phone.  Officers retrieve a text sent to a friend on 9/6 asking them to forgive him for what he was about to do. Officers also recover a tweet by REDACTED 2 to another acquaintance, also asking them to forgive him for what he was about to do.

Investigators review
REDACTED 2 Facebook page and learn that he had changed the cover photo on his Facebook page to the following statement: “Dear Lord, Forgive me for all of my sins and the sins I may commit today.  Protect me from the girls who don’t deserve me and the ones who wish me dead today.”

“At the time of Hedgepeth’s death,
REDACTED 2 resided, and is still living in the same apartment complex as Hedgepeth and REDACTED 3 (at the time of the search warrant).  His apartment was located just a few buildings down from the apartment where Hedgepeth was found death.” Investigator Bryan Walker CHPD

Search warrant issued by Judge O’Foghludha for a search of the residence of 5639 Old Durham Road, Apartment

Searched  A black 2012 Jeep Patriot (NC
REDACTED) registered to REDACTED 2

Investigators interview
REDACTED 4.  He spent the night on the couch in their apartment that evening. REDACTED 4 stated that he left the residence around 11:00 AM on September 6.  REDACTED 4 had contact with Faith and REDACTED 3 again on the evening of September 6 and into the morning hours of September 7 at the Thrill but he alleges that he did not have any contact with the two after leaving the Thrill. 

See entries on Sept 5 and 6

Search warrants issued by Judge Hobgood for the Facebook account of Faith, Facebook account PID 1392450142; and a 1997 Honda Accord owned by 
REDACTED 14 which is necessary to corroborate (REDACTED 4’s) story of having no involvement in the death of Faith.

Person or Vehicle Searched
5639 Old Chapel Hill Road, Apt

Police seized 2012 Jeep, Misc clothing, shoes, bedding items, garments, items and other misc papers

A copy of the inventory was left with the person who was in apparent control of the premises searched

1997 Honda Accord NC Plate
REDACTEDsearched the following were seized:
Two (2) swabs from back driver side interior bottom of door frame
Two (2) swabs of driver side backseat cushion

The Medical Examiner’s Report on Faith was sealed by Judge Fox by motion of the Staff Legal Advisor for the Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
(order to remain effective for 90 days) 

During the police initial response and initial investigation, communications of officers and Orange and Durham Counties 911 dispatchers occurred over several channels on the police radio.

The 911 radio traffic from the CHPD was ordered redacted and sealed by Judge Fox

Inventory of Items Seized Pursuant to Search Form
Search: Data at Facebook, Inc.
Date: Sept 11   B. Walker (CHPD)