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Investigative Notes

Sgt. Matthews notes from telephone call.

Application for NOI
(Sgt. Matthews) 

Application for NOI
(Sgt. Matthews)

Date of Return:
March 15.

Search warrant issued by Judge Hudson for the Facebook account of REDACTED 3 .

Search warrant issued by Judge Bushfan for the bank account (NCSECU) of Faith Hedgepeth.

Search warrant issued for the Lenovo laptop computers of Faith and

A hearing was conducted by Judge Hobgood at the request of the DTH  to have the search warrants unsealed.  Judge Hobgood ordered that the search warrants remain under seal for an additional forty-five (45) days.

Inv. Chambers spoke to
REDACTED 16 by telephone.  Inv. Chambers asked REDACTED 16 if he could come up to Greensboro to speak to him in person as his name had come up in the investigation of Faith. REDACTED 16 said “yes” and provided his address REDACTED Street, Apt REDACTED, Greensboro.  A meeting was to take place after five.

Inv. Chambers attempted to contact
REDACTED 16 several times by telephone (office and mobile) to confirm the meeting time but REDACTED 16 did not answer his telephone nor respond to a text message sent to his mobile phone.

Inv. Chambers arrived at
REDACTED 16’s apartment (REDACTED) in Greensboro around 1700 hrs. A Greensboro officer, Officer Fleming, met him there in the attempt to locate a subject.  “Subject” did not answer when they knocked on the door at apartment REDACTED.  As the Officer and Investigator were standing in the parking lot, Inv. Chambers noticed a Maroon colored four door Acura with dark tinted windows with the tag number REDACTED pulling into the parking lot.  Officer Fleming ran the tags and confirmed that the car was registered to REDACTED 16REDACTED 16 drove out of the parking lot and the Officer and Investigator followed him.  Officer pulled over REDACTED 16 and he got outside of the vehicle and walked back to Inv. REDACTED 16 stated that he did not stop because he had nothing to say and did not want to talk.  REDACTED 16 stated that he knew of Faith.  When asked why didn’t he just cancel the appointment or return the Inv. telephone calls REDACTED 16 “stated that he was sorry he was wasting my time and he does not talk to the police like that.”

REDACTED 16 Man in Greensboro, NC

Facts which establish reasonable grounds:

REDACTED 16 had been exchanging texts with Faith prior to the homicide, during the investigation officers asked to meet with REDACTED 16 about those texts and his association with Faith and an appointment was set up to meet Mr. REDACTED 16.  Mr. REDACTED 16 was not home when officers arrived.  Mr. REDACTED 16 arrived in the parking area of his home (Greensboro) and upon seeing the officers turned around in his car and left the area trying to avoid the officers.

Individuals are instructed to see report from Inv.Chambers dated 11/16/2012 and 11/19/2012. 

Reasons why Procedures will be material aid:
Unknown DNA was recovered at the scene of the homicide of Faith.  The buccal swab from
REDACTED 16 for a DNA comparison is of material aid in determining if REDACTED 16 may have committed the offense. 

Motion see above refiled Order in effect for an additional 90 days

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October 18

October 24

November 16

November 16

November 19

November 28

December 12



Police In January, information regarding DNA evidence of the suspected killer, a timeline of the night of her death, and a suspect profile were released

Footage from the Thrill shows Faith leaving the nightclub at closing time with an unidentified male.  The footage also shows the same unidentified male entering the club earlier in the evening with three other men, all of whom seem to be together as a group.  Lastly, the footage at the end of the video shows a former employee,
REDACTED 5, talking to one of the four men in the group.  I (Investigator) spoke to REDACTED 5 earlier in the investigation after finding out that he was a roommate of REDACTED 18REDACTED 18 was a co-worker of Faith’s at the Red Robin.

While reviewing cell phone records in a cell tower dump which was conducted earlier in this inv. Smith found an incident report associated with a number in the cell tower dump that was connected to a
REDACTED 11 who lives at REDACTED Street, Chapel Hill.  This address was a primary focus during the early stages of this investigation. 

(See notes entered on Sept 7 4:27 AM also)

Lt. Smith learned that
REDACTED 11 was involved in another incident report in 2010 (CHPD REDACTED) in which police officer from New Albany, OH, contacted our agency and reported information to one of our officers regarding a suspect believed to be enroute to Chapel Hill from Ohio.  The officer further reported that REDACTED 11 had made some threatening statements to his mother’s boyfriend in New Albany, and they believed that he might be in possession of a stolen handgun.  According to the reporting officer, REDACTED 11 was a UNC student but had recently withdrawn from school and was still living at REDACTED Street, Chapel Hill, NC.  

REDACTED 11 allegedly had begun to exhibit mental health concerns and was being treated in Ohio.  The reporting officer further reported that REDACTED 11 and his mother got into an argument and she kicked him out of her house. 
After that, it was reported that he sent his mother a text message implying he intended to shoot her boyfriend in the head.  The boyfriend reported to Ohio police that he was unable to locate his Smith & Wesson 9 mm handgun, and believed that
REDACTED 11 might have it.  No additional details are available regarding this report. 

Lt. Smith and Sgt. Matthews drive to
REDACTED Street where we spoke with REDACTED 11.  He stated that he was at the Thrill during the early morning hours of Sept 7.  He said that he drove home after leaving the club where he stayed for the remainder of the night.  I asked him what time he left the club that night, but he couldn’t recall.  When asked to give a sample of his DNA, he hesitated and wanted to consult with his father first.  After speaking to his father, via telephone, while we sat in the car he stated that his father wanted to consult with an attorney before allowing him to submit a sample. REDACTED 11 said that he would contact them within a few days but failed to do so. He did not respond to voicemail messages or emails.

Lt. Smith and Sgt. Matthews met with
REDACTED 5 to review video from the Thrill. Initially, REDACTED 5 indicated that he did not know the four men in the video.  When shown the footage of him (REDACTED 5) talking to one of the men, he said he thought the man was REDACTED 22 and REDACTED 16 REDACTED 5 identified another man REDACTED 17.  He also identified another man as a guy that he played basketball with and who attended NC Central Law School, but he did not know his name. 

Investigators spoke with REDACTED 5 earlier in the investigation after finding out that he was a roommate of REDACTED 18.

Later that day, Sgt. Matthews received a call from
REDACTED 5 who had talked to his friend REDACTED 17 and he believed the man REDACTED 5 was talking to was a guy named REDACTED 9. He (Sgt. Matthews) then looked at REDACTED 7’s page on Facebook.  REDACTED 7 was friends with REDACTED 9.  He (Sgt. Matthews) looked at the photos on both of their pages and found a guy in the photos named REDACTED 6 that resembled the man that walked out with Faith.   

Three of the four men have been identified.

REDACTED 21, former employee at Red Robin is released from Wake Co. Jail

Sgt. Matthews called
REDACTED 17 and left a message for him to call. He came to the police department to view the footage from the Thrill at 1:00 p.m.  REDACTED 17 believes he can identify the man who was seen talking to REDACTED 5 as REDACTED 17.   He also identified another man who plays soccer at UNC, REDACTED 20.  Sgt. Matthews completed a questionnaire with REDACTED 17 and he also submitted a sample of DNA.

Lt. Smith and Sgt. Matthews traveled to Wake County Jail to talk to a former
Red Robin employee,
REDACTED 21.  However, REDACTED 21 was released on March 7, 2013

Sgt. Matthews calls REDACTED 9 and leaves a message for him to call him.  REDACTED 9 returns his phone call.  REDACTED 9 states that he did not really know Faith, but he recalls seeing her at the Thrill that night.  REDACTED 9 was with REDACTED 6, REDACTED 7, REDACTED 10, and another guy who he didn’t know by name, but explained that he used to room with REDACTED 6 and REDACTED 7.

REDACTED 9’s accounts of the evening

Prior to going to the Thrill,
REDACTED 9 attended a function, and then went to the apartment that REDACTED 6 and REDACTED 7 share. REDACTED 6, REDACTED 7, REDACTED 10 and the unknown former roommate (REDACTED 8) were also there.  REDACTED 9 and REDACTED 6 rode in one car and the other three men rode together in a separate car. He believes REDACTED 8 drove the other two men in a white vehicle.  He drove directly to the club without making any stops.  REDACTED 9 a stated that he eventually saw Faith in the club.  REDACTED 9 also stated He left (walked out of the club) with a girl named REDACTED 23.  He left that night after it closed and drove back home to Raleigh, alone.  REDACTED 6, REDACTED 7, REDACTED 10, and REDACTED 8 drove back to Durham together.

REDACTED 9 was unable to meet the Sgt. in Durham to review some footage from the Thrill because of another appointment.  However, he said would be able to meet on Monday, March 11.  Sgt. Matthews asked for the telephone number for REDACTED 6 and REDACTED 9 provided him with the telephone number. 


Sgt. Matthews calls
REDACTED 6 and leaves a message.  REDACTED 6 returns the phone call.  He indicates that he met Faith “that night at the Thrill and they talked some.” REDACTED 6 lived close to Hwy 55 and Hwy 54 and agreed to meet at the Bojangles. 

REDACTED 6 arrived at the Bojangles in a black BMW.  He got into the front seat of Sgt. Matthews car. Sgt. Matthews pulled out a photo of Faith.  REDACTED 6 took a quick glance at the photo and looked away. REDACTED 6 confirmed that he had spoken with Faith that night. 

REDACTED 6’s account for the evening.
He was at his apartment which he shares with
REDACTED 7 and that REDACTED 7 and their former roommate and friend, REDACTED 8, were there.  He, REDACTED 7, and REDACTED 8 left the apartment together at approximately 11:30 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. for the Thrill. He stated that REDACTED 7 was driving his car.  REDACTED 6 states that they did not make any stops before going to the club. They parked in the parking deck across from The Thrill. He and the other two men ran into REDACTED 9 at the club.

He recalled speaking to Faith inside of the Thrill.  He spoke to Faith inside of the Thrill and also on the outside after the club had closed.  REDACTED 6 had met Faith the previous weekend.  REDACTED 6 left with REDACTED 7 and REDACTED 8 shortly after walking outside and then drove back to his apartment. He said may have stopped at Wendy’s restaurant on the way home. When asked, REDACTED 6 recalled that they made a right turn out of the deck, turned right on the next street that leads to East End (Henderson Street) and then turned left on Franklin Street and took it to 15-501 to Durham.   

Note: Investigator was concerned for several reasons after his interview with
REDACTED 6.  He had a strange reaction to Faith’s photo, either he or REDACTED 9 lied about who rode together to and from the Thrill and he refused to submit a sample of DNA stating that he touched her that night.

REDACTED 7 was contacted by investigators earlier in this investigation and he also refused to meet with investigators or provide a sample of his DNA, but eventually did.

REDACTED 8 was contacted earlier in the investigation and submitted a sample of his DNA to Investigator Chambers, but then told him after he collected the samples that he didn’t want him to have his DNA.

Sgt. Matthews (I believe) called the number listed for
REDACTED 6 and left a message on his voicemail asking that Mr. REDACTED 6 contact him as soon as possible.

Application for Nontestimonial Identification Order (Adult Suspect)
Name and address:
REDACTED Drive, Durham, NC

Requested Procedure: BUCCAL SWAB FOR DNA
Procedure to take place at 10AM on March 18

Suspect was not served for the following reason:

REDACTED 6 agreed to provide a sample of his DNA during a second interview so the order was not served.


Application for Nontestimonial Identification Order (Adult Suspect)
Name and address:

Requested Procedure: BUCCAL SWAB FOR DNA
Procedure to take place at 10AM on March 18

Facts which establish reasonable grounds:

REDACTED 6 was identified as walking out of Club Thrill with Faith shortly before the homicide occurred.  He was the last male to be seen with her before her death.  He admitted to talking to her on the night of the homicide and to meeting her the weekend before (or that night). REDACTED 6 refused to offer DNA stating that he may have touched her the night of the homicide.  His statements to law enforcement officers were inconsistent with statements given by others. SEE RPT. from Sgt. Matthews.

Lt. Smith and Sgt. Matthews returned to
REDACTED 11’s residence to try and talk with him but one of his roommates said that he was unavailable. Later, they received an email from REDACTED 11 indicating that he did not want to submit a sample of his DNA.



Justice For Faith

Faith Danielle Hedgepeth

September 26, 1992 - September 7, 2012


Order to Unseal Search Warrants 7/2/2014

Inv. Chambers's statement attached to Application NIO  11/28/2012

Inv. Chamber's statement attached to Application NIO 11/28/2012

Application for NOI dated 11/28/2012